Jobs in Afghanistan can be “hot” on several different levels. For instance, in July some regions of the country experience high temperatures of 95 °F. But if you also want to meet the challenge of working in a war zone, then contractor jobs in Afghanistan are definitely the right ones for you. Here are some of the hottest contractor jobs in the country:

1. Air Traffic Controller (ATC)

Such jobs are particularly hot in Afghanistan, as the certifying of Air Traffic Controllers has been a major issue in the past. While the securing of ATC towers is crucial, managing them is also critical. Thus, the demand for certified ATC workers is quite high in Afghanistan.

2. Agriculture

Food becomes a particularly crucial commodity during wartime. Thus, agricultural jobs have also become particularly hot in Afghanistan. Such jobs can involve farming, livestock, poultry, and so on. Several contract jobs in Afghanistan are available to civilians. Over 40% of Afghanis live on $1 daily, so the productive of affordable food is crucial to the country’s wellbeing.

3. Construction

Due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the construction sector has become particularly lucrative. This includes the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and so on. Some of the hottest Afghanistan jobs for foreign contractors include those for advisory and supervisory positions. These positions are crucial for improving the company’s infrastructure during wartime.

4. Education

The education of a country’s people should always be a priority, and that includes during wartime. Interestingly, the education of women in Afghanistan has significantly increased since the USA invaded the country in 2001. Before the invasion, few girls received education in the country. However, today over 2.5 million girls receive a formal education in schools. Still, the illiteracy rate among women remains 30% higher than among men. This statistic highlights the ongoing need to improve education among women.

5. Engineering

Civil engineering jobs are particularly hot in Afghanistan, as the country is intent on constructing buildings, roads, and bridges. The demand for contractors to fill advisory engineering jobs has become particularly high, as the design of such structures is crucial.

6. Law

A wide array of contract law-enforcement and security services jobs are currently available in Afghanistan. The ongoing war has made the maintaining of law and order particularly important. Types of law jobs available range from trainers and linguists, to security managers and country managers. All of these jobs are crucial in helping to maintain Afghanistan’s security and autonomy.

7. Sanitation

Various contract-based sanitation jobs are also available in Afghanistan. This includes a wide array of positions, such as Water and Sanitation Engineers. Sanitation is a crucial component for maintaining the health of a country’s citizens. And that goal has become exponentially important in Afghanistan, where the war has made Afghanis’ living environment extremely challenging. Contract sanitation jobs can help to improve the sanitation of Afghani towns.

If you’re willing to undergo the challenges of working in a warzone, then you should consider these above types of contract-based positions in Afghanistan. Such Afghanistan jobs tend to pay quite well, and provide the satisfaction of improving the lives of Afghanis.

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