As the symbol of the luxury necessity for all the fashion people, UGGs have become more and more popular in recent years. The real pairs of UGG are much more expensive than the common shoes in winter. They are called the most comfortable and warmest shoes in the world and are made of premium quality Australian fleece and sheepskin. Cleaning UGGs in correct way is also become more and more important. The appropriate maintenance for the boots can last the shoes’ life span effectively. The following are some tips for you on how to clean them well.

As we all know that cleaning UGG boots in the special store costs too much money and time. It will become much easier if you can clean them correctly at home by yourself. But the premise is that you must know the instructions to clean the boots in right way to avoid damaging UGG boots. Use one soft brush to remove the dirt and possible dry mud on your boots before starting to clean. If possible, it is better to get rid of the dirt with suede brush, which will make sure to remove all the grime on the boots.

If you remove all the dirt on the boots, moisten the outer surface of the boots slightly with cold water. Never immerse the whole boots in the water, which will make the inner lining of the boots become lumpy and lose shape.

Prepare leather cleaner, a small container and some pieces of sponge. Mix the leather cleaner and the required water in the container. Wipe the UGG boots outer surface with the sponge with the mixture of the container until it becomes clean. Change the mixture if it becomes very dirty.

Take a piece of clean sponge to clean the boots surface again with clean water to rinse UGG boots. You should wipe carefully to remove all the traces on the boots in this process. Otherwise, the boots will leave some traces after drying.

Put some old newspapers inside of the boots to keep the original shape of UGG shoes as well as to absorb the possible moisture in the boots. Keep the boots in the cool place to dry naturally to avoid the strong sunlight.


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