Ugg boots are trend setting in the haute couture with their comfort and luxurious appeal. Many like Uggs for two reasons, some for its aesthetic looks and some others for its trendsetting appeal. Previously, this footwear is highly preferred by people during winter to keep their warm and comfy. But in recent times, these boots come in a distinct line of styles catered to the needs of the modern and style conscious women. Below listed are some of the styles in ugg boots:

Classic Ugg Boots

1. Classic Crochet

Classic Crochet is one of the trendiest boots in Australia that are exclusively preferred during spring by many people. This luxurious footwear is really awe-inspiring for its slouchy pattern and colorful knit uppers. Its colorful knit uppers are made with a perfect blend of wool and soft polyester that ease your feet with extreme comfort. Sheepskin topped insole naturally wicks the moisture and keeps your feet stay dry and comfy inside the boots for a long time.

2. Classic Tall

Uggs Classic tall is an elite choice among Australian surfers. Soft fiber and sheepskin allows your feet to breathe properly and keeps your feet stay comfy in summer and winter as well. These boots can be worn without socks as they are lined with wool fleece to avoid moisture build-up. Ugg classic tall boot is a good bet for you to wear with jeans tucked in them that will give you a dominating appeal.

3. Classic Short

Owing to shorter height design, classic short boot is an ideal choice to wear under or over jeans / pants. Ugg Classic Short is crafted from premium Merino (A-grade) sheepskin and finest fleece to keep your foot dry and comfortable in all climates. The heel guard engineered in this boot gives the foot a perfect fit and eases your feet with utmost comfort.

Ugg Boots – Modern

1. Cove

Cove is a perfect shelter for your feet during winter. This contemporary footwear comes with a 1 ½ inch cork infused rubber heel for better traction on various surfaces. Split side and leather wrap details around the ankle region gives stylish appearance and secure fit. What else a person can wish for when both the style and comfort needs are fulfilled to the full extent.

2. Stella

Walk with confidence and style in Ugg Stella boots that are designed with well equipped features to keep your feet stay comfy. Full length inside zipper makes your task easy enough by easy on/off. Sheepskin sockliner and lambskin lining allows your foot to breathe and absorbs excess of moisture that causes foot odor causing.

These popular styles come in a variety of hues to match with your dress. With each of these styles serving a different purpose, choose your favorite styles according to your need. It will be a good bet for you to wear these sheepskin boots with a matching handbag and jeans to gain a great appearance.

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