Our country is paying lip service to stopping global warming. We support many easy actions and nobody is really inconvenienced. We are having a Green ‘Party’. But, what is really needed is a Green ‘Revolution!’ The politics of re-election require a candidate to support clean fuels, cutting dependence on foreign oil, and a willingness to combat climate change. Its easy to support these concepts. quantumsystem.info

It was easy for GM to put yellow gas caps on their flex-fuel cars to draw attention to their (new?) ethanol-gas burners. This is the same corporation that killed (crushed actually) their very successful and about to become very popular EV-1 as it was poised to solve LA’s smog and lung disease problems. (1996-2002 R.I.P.)

It is easy for coal companies to talk about sequestration of CO2 while not doing it. Even Exxon Mobil says it’s getting green. Just look at their recent profit history. We should all visit our local Exxon Mobil station and ask where the Plug-In facility is to charge our EV. You will make a big hit if you are sitting on an electric moped as you ask for their 110 volt outlet station.

Its really good news that people are thinking about cleaner electrons and energy productivity while adopting an ethic of conservation. But, these are all aspects of a “Party!”, lots of green buzz, everyone is a winner, no need to give up anything, its easy to be green. We must move beyond making symbolic gestures and admit we have a serious huge global energy-climate problem. The Party is over!! Support GM’s development of the Chevrolet Volt!

Moving beyond looking green, acting green, dressing green, and talking green will require more than increased consumption of green goods. All those easy, cost-effective, ecologically efficient measures we should embrace will only slow the growth of environmental damage.

Uncoordinated individual action, while helpful as it raises public awareness, won’t slow global warming. All the good things you do, help establish a good example: recycle, compost, use low energy light bulbs, wrap the hot water heater and turn it off when you leave on vacation, sheath the attic with a radiant blocker and commuting with an Electric Vehicle (EV). Study a few of the benefits you may not have thought of. Check the links below and read some Testimonials referring to the use of electric vehicles.

So, what does a true Green Revolution actually look like? What are the benchmarks that we must meet to effectively revolutionize a bad system? What does a Systemic Revolution look like? What is required will be the biggest single peacetime project our warming and crowded world has ever accomplished. Take another small step now. Ask yourself this, If the Chevrolet Volt gets 230 miles per gallon what is the true mpg for an electric moped or motor scooter?

Courtney D. Young and Nancy B. Young are the developers of Scooters! Code Green. Their goal is to provide education about the global warming dangers while providing options for consumer action which will reduce an individuals carbon footprint.

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