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Building Your Mental Working Space

The whole concept behind Rune Shamanism is Mental Radionics, This is magic at a distance without any physical tools or apparatus.

All the books written to date; tell us how shamans of all races and ages used totems, trances, talismans, spells, shape-changing, mind altering, delusion and illusion to work their magic.

They all had great stores of herbs, tools, implements, knives, daggers, animal robes, head dresses, body paints, dances, chants and in some cases psychedelic drugs.

There are still working shamans in Lappland, Native American lands, Aborigine lands and Inuit Lands to name a few.

The Rune Shamanism rituals you read about on the net were meant for Northern European Shamans of the Viking Age. That was over 1000 years ago.

The only constant in the Universe is change. If you wish to become a modern day Rune-Shaman the methodology that you use must change. You must update it so that it resonates to the 21st Century.

What do we know about now? We have rotated around our Galactic Sun so that we are in an entirely new space in the Heavens. This new space is called the Age of Aquarius.

We have new sciences to work with. And new discoveries made every day. The Laws of Quantum Physics, Mental Radionics and resonant frequencies are for our use.

To begging you must build or create in your own mind all the tools, implements, spells, totems, and rituals that you need to become the powerful Rune Shaman that you want to be.

Everything that you will do will be done on the mental level. And the beauty of this new 21st Century approach is that you can do it all from the safety and comfort of your own home. This makes it ideal for the modern day Asatru Pagan who wants to be a solitary practitioner and work in privacy.

Let us learn how to use your mind to build your inner worlds. The Quantum Ocean tells us that there exists an infinite ocean or Intelligent Creative Energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. There is no time, no space. There is only the “Here Now!”

This Quantum Ocean responds to your every thought. What you think about touches the energy of that thought in the Quantum Ocean. You make contact and the energy of your thought flows (or blinks) into your life.

Think of a slice of apple pie often enough and before you know it , you will be eating a slice of apple pie. When you hold a picture or symbol in your minds eye, the Law of Mental Radionics connects you to the energy of your mental picture in the Quantum Ocean.

Runes are Universal symbols which are connected to Universal creative energies in the Quantum Ocean.

Let us build your inner worlds. Sit quietly in your favorite chair, or private room. Breath slowly and deeply. Relax.

Now make an image in your mind of your sacred Rune Shamanism space.

I imagine myself sitting on a throne up on a mountain ledge high in the Northern Mountains.

Pick a place where you want to perform your Rune Magic; whether it is a mountain top, forest, river bank, desert, sacred cave it doesn’t matter. What is important is that it is a place you feel comfortable working in, that resonates to YOU.

Now, with the image in your minds eye, see yourself sitting there looking out over the void. This mental image of you sitting on your throne on your mountain top, or whatever place you are visualizing, is REAL. It is on your mental level.

Now expand your mental realm. Hold a mental image of yourself sitting in your sacred space, wherever that is. I chose a mountain top, with a large ledge in front of a wide deep cave. It is within this cave that I keep my mental Shamanic tools. I also keep the Gods/Goddesses of the North there and I call them out to the ledge when I need to talk to them.

Now, it is time to bring the whole Universe into your mind, consciously so it will be there when and if you need to use it.

Sit quietly, breath deeply and relax. Visualize yourself on your throne, or wherever. Now expand this to visualize yourself sitting on a throne in the middle of the state of Pennsylvania ( that’s where I live, but you can visualize your state, country wherever you live.) Expand again. You are now in the middle of the United States. Now visualize the Planet Earth in your mind. Next visualize the Solar System, then the Galaxy, the Universe, and finally the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Each of the these successive Visualizations will increase the depth and width of your own mind. You will have the Planet Earth in your mind; the Solar System; the Galaxy; the Universe and the Quantum Ocean within your mind. You have expanded your mind to include ALL of them. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN!”

Finally it is only one more visualization that will make you a truly powerful Rune Shaman.

Visualize that your are IN the Mind of God.

By building and creating all these visualizations within your own mind, you become one with them. This is one of the secrets of, “As above , so below,” and ” Be still and KNOW that I am God.”

Now you will be able to travel to all these places to do your work. But instead of going out, running around seeking; you will go WITHIN.

More to come, on your sacred cave. Time to share new thoughts.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

To see more of his writings visit his websites.

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