Okay, hang in here with me. We are about to embrace a topic of immense complexity – quantum consciousness. The easiest way for most of us to grasp this concept, is to see it as a combination of viewing consciousness, both scientifically and philosophically.

We all know the amazing phenomenon that is the brain. There is so much about it that we still do not, and perhaps never will, understand. Those who approach the understanding of human consciousness through quantum consciousness take on the immense challenge of explaining how we are who we think we are, our state of being, our consciousness. quantumsystem.info 

There is a feeling that consciousness cannot be defined by classical mechanics because this understanding is far too limiting to explain the intricacies of the mind. So there is a need to dig deeper. The unanswered questions are being found in the study of quantum consciousness, yet at this point there seems to be no theory that can explain the aspects of consciousness as perception, being awake or being a dream.

Who says what?


Scientists love to explain why things work and why they do not. It is much harder for someone who has very distinct rules regarding reality and non-reality to go beyond that which cannot be explained through concrete experimentation. Generally speaking, scientist do not believe that the workings of the mind can be quantum controlled because quantum systems in the brain do not last long enough to control thinking.

The Philosophers

Philosophers, generally speaking, are open to learning and thinking in a direction that veers away from the concrete. The world and all of those who populate it are so complex that there are always questions to be answered and answers to be challenged.

When it comes to quantum consciousness, philosophers can fall back on some of the unexplainable parts of the mind such as perception also called ‘qualia’. Qualia, encompasses the aspects of consciousness like perception which cannot be accounted for through scientific classical mechanics, and therefore remain as phenomena. This leaves a huge opening for alternate explanations of how consciousness exists.

There are certain areas of life that will never be understood and in a way that makes things more interesting. Quantum consciousness is one of those areas. Still, there are those who seek to find truth whether through science, religion or philosophy. It seems that the human desire for knowledge will continue to push boundaries in order to find the answers needed.

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