It seems like some people enjoy complaining about what’s wrong with the world, about what other people aren’t doing or aren’t doing right, and about what needs to change. Interestingly enough though, I’m not hearing those same people talking about what’s wrong with them, their mindset, their perception, or what they need to change.

I cannot emphasize enough that the way to change the world is to change yourself.

This concept has certainly been written and talked about for a long time; and yet, our society still wants to externalize the focus on change (who should be doing it, what they should be doing and when, and with whose money).

But the truth is that focusing on what others should be doing only serves as a distraction to you. The real work (and the real impact) occurs when you work on yourself, change yourself, grow yourself, and become your next best version of you.

The main reason why this is true is because you can only really effect change within yourself. Efforts to change others are frustrating at best, futile at worst.

But when you change yourself, the impact ripples out into all those you associate with, and even beyond that. The final effect is immeasurable and unknown – but suffice it to say that your personal growth can cause sea changes and can make mountains move – it’s THAT powerful.

“It is only the minority of people who seek self-improvement or personal growth. This is because whatever one’s self-criticism, one secretly really believes that one’s way of being is okay, and probably the only correct one. That you are all right as you are, and all problems are caused by other people’s selfishness, unfairness, and by the external world.” (David Hawkins)

I encourage you to stop letting yourself off the hook. Take responsibility for your role in creating, or at a minimum contributing to, the way the world is today. And then, go inward for the answer. Turn to yourself and consider how you might grow and change and become an even better you.

Why is it that so many people avoid this? Well, the obvious answer is “because it’s hard”. Facing ourselves is probably one of the most challenging activities we can undertake, and as a result, some people avoid it at all costs.

Be brave, be courageous, be a warrior – face yourself, and really LOOK at who you are. Then turn to your internal GPS for guidance on who you are ready to become. What aspects of you are ready to flourish and thrive? What parts need a complete overhaul? And what facets just need some fine-tuning?

And if you’re stuck on this step and aren’t sure who you are or what you think of yourself, then consider how you think about others – for your thoughts about others will reveal to you what you really think about yourself.

Dive deep, go within, be fearless in uncovering your magnificence, and in discarding or revamping everything else. For by so doing, you will not only change yourself and reveal your inner beauty and strength, but you will also change the world.

By admin