One of the best places to visit in South America is Peru, particularly Northern Peru. As a matter of fact, many travel forum members would recommend it to everyone who is heading to South America. Peru is quite often overlooked but this particular side of the country definitely is a budget’s traveler’s goldmine with access to archeological sites, great beaches and the birthplace of ‘ceviche’ – a (spicy) seafood Salad native to the coastal regions in South America. However, most travelers miss out on half the country by flying into Lima and only traveling south. Northern Peru is home to the Incan ruins and the civilizations that came before them. If you are looking for something fun, the ‘Carnaval’ is one of the biggest parties in South America, if not the world, but finding somewhere to sleep in South America can be quite a difficult and expensive experience.

Panama Viejo and Caraz

You may not know this but the best places in South America are rather something that you would not expect to be. Panama Viejo is the most ancient settlement of the South America along the Pacific coastline while the Caraz is the heart of Tunshucayco ruins of Chavin civilization believed to be one of the oldest in Peru. However, there are various and different kinds of modern monuments and ancient remains that are definitely worthy to travel South America. This particular continent in the world is like a store of the unbelievable and the diverse, where you can basically encounter several African-like streets and be able to see Egyptian-like pyramids – thanks to the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. In regards to these pyramids, it is basically a wonder how it was possible to build similar pyramids in different corners of the globe.

Cruising Destinations

As one of the many cruising destinations, South America is exotic in its own way that other regions simply can’t touch, blending touches of the fjords of Norway and Alaska, the cosmopolitan cities of Europe and the vast stretches of rugged terrain in Australia. The Chilean fjord’s snow-capped volcanoes and spectacular frosty glaciers are certainly some of the most dramatic highlights during a cruise to South America. The sophisticated and sassy Beunos Aires – dubbed as South America’s Paris, will definitely seduce your senses with the country’s sultry tango and fragrant Argentinean cuisine.

As you may already know, the planet’s fourth largest continent covers thousands of miles from the equatorial tropics to the sub-Arctic and you will definitely find no trace of cruise ship congestion in these areas – whether the cruise ship is sailing around Cape Horn, anchoring in Antarctica or docking in lively Rio de Janeiro. With all that has been said, you definitely can’t miss such an opportunity of a lifetime.

Cusco and Iglesia de San Francisco

The Cusco is the ancient capital city of the Incas and it is considered as the living museum of the Peruvian history. Cusco definitely has several Spanish colonial churches and mansions sitting perfectly atop the constructed Inca walls of exquisitely carved granite blocks that fit together without mortar. If you already have visited this remarkable city, you may have noticed that the hills lay more terrific examples of Inca masonry such as the zigzagged defensive walls of Sacsayhuamán and the smaller ruins of Q’enko. In Venezuela, the Iglesia de San Francisco has its own rich history. Having that said, the Iglesia de San Francisco is the church where Simón Bolívar was proclaimed El Libertador in 1813, and the site of his massive funeral in 1842 – the year his remains were brought back from Colombia some 12 years after his death.

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