These days we can all use a bigger income but it is definitely easier said than done. But the internet has given us all opportunities that were never possible before to create our own success. There are many people who make a good living online and many who claim to have gotten rich but there are also many people who are trying and trying but nothing is happening. I tried for several years before I started making a good living online so I would like to share some of the things that helped me increase my income. Although I have not tried every method listed below, I have tried several of them and they have worked for me.

1. Sell Resell eBooks and Software – You can easily add a digital product store script to your existing blog and sell ebooks and software with resell rights. Ebooks are very popular and the demand for them is increasing. You can also sell videos, music and other downloadable files from your digital store.

2. Write and Sell Your Own eBook – Write an eBook about your area of expertise and put it for sale on your site. You can sell it outright, offer resell rights or recruit affiliates to sell it for you as well. I did this with my first eBook and it worked out very well.

3. Affiliate Products – Find quality products and services that offer a commission and sell them on your site. Be sure they are relative to your site and if possible try the product out first so you can give a personal recommendation. Personal recommendations can help increase your sales. You can find affiliate products at AffiliateSeek, Clickbank, and AffiliateTips.

4. Sell Advertising – Offer advertising space on your blog. You can offer text ads, banner ads and even video and audio ads. You can charge monthly and annual fees to give your customers a better value.

5. Dropship Sales – Dropship means you can sell products without having to ship them or stock them. You find a company that offers dropshipping, sign up with them and start selling their products on your blog. Anytime you get an order, you send it to the main company and they ship the product out to your customer. The customer will think the product came from your store and you get a portion of the profits. You make money simply by taking orders and the dropship company does the rest. Dropship companies will usually require a membership fee, either monthly or annually.

6. Google AdSense – This is not my favorite but it does work well for some people. What this entails is placing numerous ads on your site, chosen by Google. Anytime these ads are clicked on, you will get paid a portion of what the advertiser has paid Google. Google will choose ads that are relevant to your site’s contents. So, what this means is that if you sell jewelry Google will place ads on your site to other people who sell jewelry and related products. So, in essence you are sending people to your competitor’s sites. Although I do not agree with this, many people claim to make a good chunk of change each month using Google AdSense!

7. Donation Button – You see this more and more often these days. People offer a lot of free resources and content on their sire and ask for donations from the people who utilize this information. You can get the buttons directly from PayPal and place them on your site. To do this, you must provide quality content and value to your visitors so they feel a donation would be appropriate.

8. Classes and Workshops – Organize some informative classes and workshops to teach your visitors how to “whatever”. Sell space to attend these events. Offer a variety of classes such as a week-long class, month long, etc. You could also produce some effective webinars. You can also recruit affiliates for these services as well.

9. Exclusive Access – Offer private content, forums, classes, etc. to members only. Charge a monthly or annual fee for this membership. People will pay for valuable information they can’t seem to find anywhere else.

10. Sponsored Reviews – Companies like Blogvertiser will connect you with advertisers who will pay you to write reviews about their products and services and place them on your site. You will have the option of accepting or declining any deals the advertisers offer. Other sites that offer this service are PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews and ReviewMe.

The methods above might not make you rich but they can earn you a good income or add to your existing income. Selling ebooks and software has been very profitable for me and affiliate products, selling advertising space and dropshipping has also worked for me in the past. Some of these methods might not be for you but it could be worth your while to check them out. I wish you much success in whatever path you choose.


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