Let’s face it, not all top rated anti wrinkle creams are created equal. And the guidelines that people use to rate a product are not always the same as your individual ones. This article discusses the five most important qualities you can look for in a top rated anti wrinkle cream so you can have the best chances of picking ones that work.

#1. Safety  http://briefnbra.com/

You definitely want to make sure that you are using products that are safe. Unfortunately, most cheap products contain synthetic ingredients that can be damaging to your skin. Many synthetic ingredients are used in to prated anti wrinkle creams because they are cheap- like parabens, fragrances, and mineral oils. However, they can react negatively with your skin by stripping it of it’s natural oils and clogging your pores, making it difficult for your body to naturally eliminate harmful toxins.

#2. Clinically Tested

A real genuine top rated anti wrinkle cream will be clinically tested multiple times to make sure it’s as effective as possible. Not only should it be internally tested, it should also be tested by a third-party to confirm the results. These results should also be shared with the public as well. If they are not, than that could be a sign that the testing produced unfavorable results.

#3. Effective ingredients

Top rated anti wrinkle creams can only be as good as the ingredients they contain. All-natural and organic ingredients provide the most benefits for your skin. Synthetic ones are generally the least effective. And only testing can demonstrate how effective an ingredient really is.

#4. High concentrations of active ingredients

Containing multiple types of ingredients is just simply not enough to make a skincare product effective. It must also contain high amounts of active ingredients to be effective. Be careful when looking at top rated anti wrinkle creams: many companies will only include minimal amounts of active ingredients to cut back on costs.

#5. Addresses the major causes of aging skin

If a anti-aging treatment does not address the major causes of wrinkles and other aging signs, how can you expect it to be effective? If a brand is aware of these major causes of aging and use ingredients that address these major causes, then you can feel confident in using their products. The three major cause of wrinkles and other aging signs are:

*Damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress

*Loss of collagen and elastin protein

*Low levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin

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