As the human face a long time, it experiences an extended severity of wrinkles, loss of skin laxity, and re-positioning of fat. The synergistic effect of these elements are the root challenge of many patients.

Elective surgical interventions, just like the facelift, give patients instantaneous, significant, and durable results—but come at a price.

First, downtime of an non-compulsory surgical intervention may be approximately weeks. Second, the cost of the technique may range from $10,000 to $25,000. The value of downtime and real dollars creates a barrier to a massive part of sufferers who might also gain from those optionally available surgical interventions.

However, the past few decades have given upward thrust to first rate, non-surgical options inclusive of PDO lifting that still provide sufferers excellent effects at a fraction of the value and strain of surgical operation.

Does suture lifting offer instant, great, and durable outcomes with no downtime?
A take a look at performed by way of Dr. Marcelo Hochman in 2005 examined 70 suture elevate strategies that centered on repositioning the fat malar pads (cheeks) and the jowl area (chin and jaw). Among the patients that underwent the technique, less than 1% skilled extrusion of the suture.

Unacceptable results, which encompass dimpling and terrible results have been seen in 3 processes. After 365 days from the technique, a massive portion of sufferers experienced and maintained the lifting results seen immediately after the process.

Eighty 5 percent (eighty five%) of patients pronounced persevered delight of effects even after three hundred and sixty five days.

What are the complications of Suture Lifting?

Dimpling is a hardship in which the skin appears to dimple at a factor along the suture thread. The dimpling of the skin is because of the suture being positioned too close to the surface of the gentle tissues. Correction of dimpling consists of elimination of the suture and re-introducing the suture at a deeper plane.


Extrusion occurs when the ends of the barbed suture may be visible visible via the skin. If the barbed suture does extrude from its vicinity, it will typically come to be seen on the access and exit incisions.

Correction of this worry includes trimming the suture and or dissolving the suture. If dissolving the suture is achieved, then a new suture must be reapplied.

Foreign Body Reactions

Early strategies of suture lifting used sutures that have been permanent and nonabsorbable. A overview of those strategies has established that the use of everlasting sutures may also set off the frame’s immune system and reject the barbed suture.

Complications related to foreign body reactions are resolved with the aid of removing the sutures. The cutting-edge suture lifting strategies use polydioxanone which can be absorbable via the patient’s body.

Using absorbable sutures prevents foreign body reactions however calls for patients to undergo additional methods every 12 months due to the fact the frame absorbs the suture over time.

What need to sufferers expect?
Specialized suture lifting procedures may additionally provide sufferers an answer for wrinkles, laxity, and basic getting older of the face. Patient selection and counseling is vital for nice effects and patient pleasure.

Ideal patients are generally aged 40 – 55 and have slight laxity of the cheeks and chin. Suture threading is good for sufferers who’ve well advanced however drooping malar pads and aren’t inquisitive about a more invasive surgical procedures.

Patients need to be willing to undergo renovation treatments on a every year basis for endured lifting outcomes. Patients unwilling to go through every year manner are recommended a extra durable and surgical intervention (e.G. Facelift).

Suture lifting have to now not be brought as an opportunity to surgical interventions such as a surgical facelift.

Suture threading, in its present day form, will no longer reproduce facelift consequences—but, for lots sufferers PDO lifting is all they want to peer the effects they choice.

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